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International Conference

China and the Global Economy:

Economic Integration and Protectionism

Beijing, June 12-13, 2010

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Downloadable Papers

(as of 11/06/2010)

The followings are some of the papers scheduled to be presented in the conference. They are posted for the convenience of the participants and others who are interested in these papers.

The first listed author is usually the one expected to present the paper. Copyrights of the papers are owned by the authors. For the latest version of the papers, please contact the authors directly.

To read and print the following files, you will need Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher. If you do not have the software installed, you can download a free copy of it.

Nan Zhang What Happened in China’s External Flow of Funds?

Hong Ma

Firm Sorting, Ownership and Product Scope: Evidence from Chinese Enterprises
Ying Wu Revisiting the Marshall-Lerner Condition under Processing Trade– Empirical Evidence from China
Yea-Mow Chen and Chun-Tien Lin Performance of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A’s) by Chinese Firms
Somesh Kumar Mathur and Archana Srivastava Rising Wage Inequality in India and Liberalization Phase: A Translog Cost Function Analysis
Kevin H. Zhang and Kan Yue What Is Wrong with the Chinese Currency?
Kevin H. Zhang
Yan Zhang, Yihong Tang, and Christopher Findlay Productivity Effects of Services Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Chinese Firm-level Data
Pin-Huang Chou, Kuan-Cheng Ko, Szu-Tsen Kuo, and Shinn-Juh Lin Firm Characteristics, Alternative Factors, and Asset-Pricing Anomalies: Evidence from Japan
Miaojie Yu Processing Trade, Firm's Productivity, and Tariff Reductions: Evidence from Chinese Products
Zhongxiu Zhao and Kevin H. Zhang Benefits and Costs of Outward Foreign Direct Investment: An Assessment of China’s “Going-Global” Strategy
Yanbing WU R&D, Technology Transfer and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Industries
Li Li An Empirical Study on Technological Spillover Effects from FDI in China
Pak-Hung Mo Trade Liberalization Sequence for Sustained Economic Growth
Yanling Wang Exposure to FDI and New Plant Survival: Evidence in Canada
Xiangbo Liu On the Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects of Illegal Immigration
Baiming Zhan The Structural Change of American Economy in the Sight of Relation between Investment and Import and the Response Mechanism of China (Chinese, English abstract)
Rima Turk Ariss, Rasoul Rezvanian, and Seyed M. Mehdian Cost Efficiency, Technological Progress and Productivity Growth of Chinese Banking Pre and Post WTO Accession
Yun-Kwong Kwok and Yuk-Shing Cheng Trade and Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region
Shin-ichi Fukuda and Munehisa Kasuya The Rise of China and the Japanese Economy: Evidence from Macro and Firm-level Micro Data
Robert Dekle and Huayu Sun The Geography of China’s Current Account Surpluses: A Descriptive Note
Kar-yiu Wong and Juyoung Cheong Global Free Trade: Regionalism as a Building Block or a Stumbling Block?
Xiaopeng Yin and Yuntong Wang Technology Transfer, Welfare, and Factor Prices
Somesh Kumar Mathur and Archana Srivastava Rising Wage Inequality in India and Liberalization Phase: A Translog Cost Function Analysis

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