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RCIE - 2010

List of Participants

(as of 11/06/2010)

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no. name affiliation area
1 An, Dingding UIBE CN
2 Chen, Yea-Mow San Francisco State University US
3 Chu, Tianshu Southwest U of Finance and Economics CN
4 Dekle, Robert University of Southern California US
5 Fan, Ying UIBE CN
6 Fukuda, Shin-ichi University of Tokyo JP
7 Ge, Ying UIBE CN
8 Hakogi, Masumi Hiroshima University of Economics JP
9 Hong, Junjie UIBE CN
10 Huang, Xiaoling UIBE CN
11 Jing, Ran UIBE CN
12 Ju, Jiandong Uni. of Oklahoma and Tsinghua Uni. US
13 Kwok, Yun-kwong Hong Kong Baptist University HK
14 LI Chuntao Central U of Finance and Economics, CAFD CN
15 Li, Jie Central U of Finance and Economics CN
16 Li, Li Hiroshima Shudo University JP
17 Lin, Guijun UIBE CN
18 Liu, Xiangbo University of California, Riverside US
19 Ma, Hong Tsinghua University CN
20 Ma, Xiaopeng  UIBE CN
21 Mathur, Somesh K. IIT Kanpur IN
22 Mo, Pak Hung Hong Kong Baptist University CN
23 Sun, Huayu UIBE CN
24 Tang, Yihong UIBE CN
25 Tang, Yihong UIBE CN
26 Van Den Bulcke, Daniel University of Antwerp Management School BE
27 Wang, Jian UIBE CN
28 Wang, Yanling Carleton University CA
29 Wei, Weixian UIBE CN
30 Wong, Kar-yiu UW and UIBE US
31 Wu, Yanbing Chinese Academy of Social Sciences CN
32 Wu, Ying Salisbury University US
33 Yin, Xiaopeng UIBE CN
34 Yu, Miaojie CCER, Peking University CN
35 Zhan, Baiming South-Central Uniiversity for Nationalities CN
36 Zhang, Jin UIBE CN
37 Zhang, Kevin H. Illinois State University US
38 Zhang, Nan Hiroshima Shudo University JP
39 Zhang, Yan Fukuoka Women’s University JP
40 Zhang, Yan UIBE CN
41 Zhao, Zhongxiu UIBE CN

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